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Tips for getting there:

Car parking:

•    300m to the car park at Gnandsteiner Hauptstraße 15.
•    Driving up to the castle yard is possible only for people with disabilities to get out of/in cars.

Bus stop:

•    500m

Details on accessibility:

•    Access to the castle yard smooth, paved with even historical cobblestone.
•    Four steps, 16cm each, up to the cash desk.
•    27 steps, 18 cm each, up to the exhibition on the first floor.
•    Further rooms are accessible via staircases only.
•    No steps to the exhibition of rustic furniture, no steps, vbery uneven, steep path, door 59 cm wide (two-winged door can be fully opened by service staff only)

Details on restrooms:

•    Restrooms accessible from the castle yard only
•    Two steps, 15 cm each

Accessibility in Saxony

Accessibility in Saxony

More information


Gnandstein Castle

Burgstraße 3 | 04654 Frohburg

Property of State Palaces, Castles and Gardens of Saxony, non profit

+49 (0) 34344 61309

Ticket Rates

  • Adults: 5,00€
  • Reduced: 2,50€
  • Accompanying person: 0,00€