Gnandstein Castle

A Picture-book Castle 

Saxony’s best-preserved Romanesque fortification, Gnandstein Castle, stands majestically in the vicinity of the »pottery town« of Kohren-Salis near Leipzig. This was the proud home of the von Einsiedel family, who lived at the castle continuously from the 14th century to the end of World War II. The fortification high above the Wyhra River – with its keep, ward, battlements, masonry wall and Palace building – is a dream come true for fans of medieval times. The spirit of ancient times is still very much alive on the path to the keep and in the late-Gothic chapel. And the medieval aura is reinforced by an old legend – undiscovered treasures are said to be hidden on the castle grounds. A range of precious finds from seven centuries are presented in the exhibition at Gnandstein Castle.


Gnandstein Castle

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