Gnandstein Castle as a medieval fortification offers a wide range of exhibitions. The castle keep and historical residential rooms equipped in Baroque and Classicist styles as well as the late-Gothic chapel with its three artistic altars of the 16th century are the highlights of the castle.

Encounters with the Beautiful – The Gross Collection

The Gross Collection includes sacred sculptures, paintings, furniture, porcelain, jewelry and pewter from the 14th to the 20th centuries. The second upper floor of the south wing accommodates the objects of the extensive donation by Margarete Gross.

Display Depot

Treasures of the Gnandstein Castle museum, small and large are on show on the second upper floor of the bower. They are arranged under certain aspects, such as glass, porcelain, faiences and pewterware. Textiles. furniture and paintings round the exhibition off. The inventory books on display provide further information on the exhibits.

The ceramics vault – everything about ceramics as a work material and its various possibilities of shaping

The ceramics vault next to the display depot deals with ceramic work materials and the various shapes of ceramic objects. A showcase is dedicated to the work of Kurt Feuerriegel, the well-known Saxon ceramics artist.

Colorful furniture – rustic country furniture from several centuries

The extensive collection of historical rustic furniture has found an ideal space in the Squires’ Hall in the south wing.

Armory – arms from the 16th to the 20th centuries

Our visitors can get to the »Arms Display Depot« and its exhibits from the 16th to the 20th centuries via the small Gothic spiral staircase. Apart from various side arms, there are also historical firearms on display. Armor for stallion and horseman complete the impression. Special attention has been given to hunting. A wild boar that was hunted down around 1900 in the forests around Gnandstein found its place in the exhibition among artistically decorated crossbows and other hunting gear.


Gnandstein Castle

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